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Artikel Kali Ini Saya Hanya Sedikit Membagikan  50 Template Keren Untuk Blogger Dan Wordpress. Yg Saya Dapatkan Dari Berbagai Sumber...Semoga Sobat Semua Senang Dengan Template
 Yg Saya Share Dari Berbagai Sumber Ini.Untuk melihat templatelain anda bisa mengunjungi ini

This selection of free Blogger templates are colorful, beautiful or ornate and are guaranteed to make your blog have a strong visual impact.

1. Butterfly (Vector Three Column) by Blogger Tricks

I was so amazed to see this beautiful theme appear in my feed reader today! This is a stunningly beautiful template with three columns and icons beside important links.
Based on the original theme by Templates4all.com.
Demo | Download 
2. Japanese Fleur by Blogger Tricks

A simply stunning Wordpress conversion from the original design by Lorelei.

3. Chasmogamous by Template Godown

A simple but effective template with a left-hand sidebar.
Demo | Download

4. New Morning by GosuBlogger

A fresh and lively theme, converted from the original design by WP Free Themes.

Details and download

5. Freedom Wall by GosuBlogger

This distinctive two column template features integrated navigation tabs and a unique calendar style.
Demo | Download

6. Art Imagination by Jackbook

This vivid three column template was converted from the original Wordpress Theme and features a beautiful background image which would be ideal for artistic or feminine blogs.

Demo | Download

7. Astro by ThemeLib

A colorful and beautifully stylized template with an ethereal theme. Converted from the original WP theme which was designed by UnoDesignStudio.
Demo | Download

8. Glass by Blog and Web

A subtle two column theme, based on the original design by Free CSS Templates.
Demo | Download

9. Lemon Twist by Jackbook

This is a truly awesome template with many sections in the footer and stylized throughout. Converted from the original WP theme by Far From Fearless.

Demo | Download

10. Agenda 02 by Blogs Made in Spain

A three column template with a notepad style appearance.

Demo | Download

11. Agenda 03 by Blogs Made in Spain

This template is styled like an artist's desk and is a wide two column layout.

Demo | Download

12. Agenda 04 by Blogs Made in Spain

This rustic theme is a two column design with a beautiful header image.

Demo | Download

13. Made in Spain by Blogs Made in Spain

Of all the notebook style templates I've seen, this is my favorite one of all :)

Demo | Download

14. Jonga by Layout for All

This two column template has an orange color scheme. Sorry there's no demo blog for this one, but from the screenshots it looks very good.


15. Snow Crystals by El Blog de Lui

An unusual design with beautiful vector snowflakes, adapted from the template design by Free CSS Templates

Demo | Download

16. Vintage Style by Templates Para Novo Blogger

This tasteful theme is in hues of dark red.

Demo | Download

17. Capung by Template Godown

This single column template has a feminine appeal and is perfect for photobloggers. It includes a widgetized footer section for ads and other content, also a navigation bar for your important links.

Demo | Download

18. Florascent by Blogger Tricks

A beautiful blue toned theme with one sidebar to the left and floral design in the header.

Demo | Download

19. The Hobbit by Blogger Templates (Itmag)
This beautiful template has an ethereal presence.

Demo | Download

20. Galera Curtindo by Emporium Digital
A bold three column theme with centralized navigation buttons beneath the header.

Demo | Download

21. Bronzed by Testing Ground

An elaborate and original two column design.

Details and Download

22. Field of Dreams by Blogger Tricks

A truly stunning and colorful design with tabbed navigation in the header and a built in search function. Originally designed by NotSoBoringLife.

Demo | Download

23. Totally Lost by Our Blog Templates

Here is a great example of how beautiful imagery in the header can totally transform a basic design.

Details and Download

24. The Maldivian by Testing Ground

An elaborate fantasy theme with two sidebars to the right.

Details and download

25. Snail Blogger by Template Godown

Snail is an invigorating theme with split columns in the right hand sidebar. Converted with permission from the original design by Cinila.

Demo | Download

26. Cairo Concept by Testing Ground

A narrow, two column theme with a vivid header image.

Demo | Download

27. Sad Fish by ThemeLib

A simple two column theme with an aquatic feel.

Demo | Download

28. Creation by Blogger Tricks

A beautiful theme which includes an integrated navigation bar and calendar icons. Based on the design originally by Ophelia Nicholson.
Demo | Download

29. Vector Lover by Blog and Web

How stylish is this theme? It features a two column layout with integrated search function, and is converted from the original template by Styleshout.
Demo | Download

30. Rainbow Garden by Jackbook

An ornate and colorful three column template, based on the original design by Web Hosting Geeks.

Demo | Download

31. Assassins by Made in Spain

A two column template themed on the popular video game, Assasin's Creed.
Demo | Download

32. DH Theme for Blogger by STRA Mirage

A stunning template which was converted from the original WP theme.
Demo | Download
Dark Templates
This selection of Blogger templates use a dark color scheme.

33. Dreamwork Redux by Jackbook

Stunning use of color and many great features make this one of the best dark Blogger templates I've ever seen. Based on the original design by Vinh Le.

Demo | Download

34. Graydient by Aborregate

A smooth dark design with pale area for the main blog content. I love the contrasting colors in the header logo which really sets this theme alight. Converted from the WP theme by Free WP Layouts.

Demo | Download

35. Funky  Zine by Blogger Tricks

Adapted from the Wordpress theme by Chiq Montes, this dark design features a wide sidebar and integrated navigation links.

Demo | Download

36. Renewed by Ramdomness

This dark theme is based on the Minima template, but includes a much wider area for posts. Sidebar titles are highlighted in red, and the layout is hugely customizable.

Demo | Download

37. BT Dark Green by Blogger Buster and Blogging Tips

A wide two column theme with integrated navigation and search, plus mouseover effects in the sidebar. Converted from the Wordpress theme by Blogging Tips.

Demo | Download

38. Blue Greens by Our Blog Templates

This template makes stunning use of color contrasts and has a segmented footer for extra widgets.

Details and download

39. Dark World by akOOgle

A simple but professional dark template, ported from the original design by Hive Designs.

Demo | Download

40. Charcoal by Blogger Tricks

A stunning conversion from the original WP theme by Jinsona. Includes a navigation bar, built in feed and bookmark icons, and a wide posting column. Also available in three column format.
Demo | Download

41. Whale of a Time by Suck My Lolly

An original design with two column layout.

Demo | Download

42. Wiremesh by Abboregate

This dark two column theme highlights sidebar and title headings in vivid colors. Based on a design by Free CSS Templates.

Demo | Download

43. Macbook Pro by ThemeLib

A stylish dark template with three columns which is converted from the theme by Quality Wordpress. Perfect for Apple lovers!

Demo | Download

44. Zanblue by Blogger Tricks

A delicious dark theme with mouseover effects and stylish widgets. Based on the WP theme by Ophelia Nicholson.

Demo | Download

45. Elegant by Blogmundi

This three column layout is enhanced by the choices of color.

Demo | Download

46. Pepper by Blogger Tricks

Kranthi has done an excellent job of converting this beautiful dark theme. It features an integrated search function and feed icon in the header, with spaces for ads and two sidebars on the right. Converted from the original design by Jinsona.

Demo | Download

46. Green Magic by ThemeLib

This two column template is very easy on the eyes, and includes navigation links and calendar widgets for post dates. Based on the original design by iWebNet.

Demo | Download

47. Architect by George Petsagourakis

An unassuming theme with plenty of options for customization.

Demo | Download

48. DFire by GosuBlogger


This narrow two column theme is remarkable. It features a great color scheme and stylized sidebar headings. Converted by the original theme by Dark Faery Tale.

Demo | Download

49. Signus by Templates Para Novo Blogger

In shades of gray with a vector style background.
Demo | Download

50. Graffiti Art by Blogger Tricks

An outstanding two column template with plenty of color. Ported for Blogger from the original design by WPGalaxy.

Demo | Download

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